Next Generation Networks are expected to exploit optical-labels for packet switching, and optic-codes for flexible access networking. Optical-Label Switching (OLS) routers will rapidly switch the optical packets to the desired output port. Edge routers will attach optical labels onto ingress packets and detach them at the egress. Access networks will utilize optical code-division-multiple-access (O-CDMA) technologies for flexible access of the large optical network capacity. The OLS routers will utilize a rich set of photonic switching technologies. The O-CDMA uses reconfiguration of codes for multiple access.

We are currently designing high-performance and secure all-optical networks using labels and codes. In addition to OLS and O-CDMA networking, we have recently launched an optical arbitrary waveform generation (OAWG) project ($9.5 million project from DARPA DSO), which will also lead to a very new networking technique with ultrahigh capacity and versatile format/protocols allowing secure and high-sensitivity networking.