Congratulations on our photonic switching paper recognized as top score paper in the Optical Networking and Communication Conference (OFC) 2020. The work of our PhD student Xian Xiao, and research scientist Roberto Proietti, et al., “Integrated SiPh Flex-LIONS module for all-to-all optical interconnects with bandwidth steering” shows the latest progressContinue Reading

Project Overview Large-scale computing platforms, also called warehouse-scale computing, have significantly transformed our lives over the past decades. Emerging applications are even more data intensive. However, scaling to an exascale system for both floating-point (e.g. for climate modeling) and fixed-point (e.g. deep neural network for pattern recognition) are facing severe challengesContinue Reading

Project Overview (Check the SpiderZoom video from Lockheed Martin)  The interferometry techniques use superimposed electromagnetic waves to extract information of the wave source[1, 2]. In astronomy, an interferometer uses far-field spatial coherence measurements to extract intensity information from a source to form an image. Examples include the Very Large TelescopeContinue Reading

Project Overview Elastic optical networking (EON) [1] enables efficient spectrum utilization by allocating variable bandwidth to each user according to their actual needs. Unlike WDM networks, EON utilizes the optical spectrum divided into arbitrary or smaller frequency units (e.g., 12.5 or 25 GHz, also known as spectral slices). This allowsContinue Reading

Introduction Current Internet is composed of heterogeneous multi-domain multi-AS (autonomous system) networks (wireless, optical networks etc.) as shown in Fig. 1. Wherein, 5G and optical passive networking (PON) have been recognized as the building blocks for next-generation access networks, while elastic optical networking (EON) is emerging as one of most promisingContinue Reading

Project Overview Data centers and High-Performance Computing (HPC) systems are an essential part of our cyberinfrastructure. While the energy consumption of data centers worldwide is currently estimated at 26 GW, the amount of data we process is growing at ~2 dB per year. Unless we drastically improve the energy efficiency, theContinue Reading

Project Overview  The wireless communication network has been a great success. Benefiting from the simple architecture of the Internet Protocol, people at any place can access any content available on the internet, regarless of texts, audios, even videos. The utility of high speed data connection has expanded rapidly from theContinue Reading

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