The landscape of today’s cyber infrastructure is dominated by innovations in data centers and high-performance computing (HPC) systems. Both large-scale data centers and HPC systems include many thousands of servers intimately networked with each other. Typical Petascale data centers and computing systems are already consuming on the order of many Megawatts. Scalability, efficiency, throughput, and latency of these large systems are largely determined by those of the interconnection networks. In order to support several hundreds of thousands nodes and the ever-growing demand for bandwidth and computation power, future data centers and HPCs must undergo complete architectural and technological transformations so that they will meet the necessary performance requirements while operating within the power limits. Under the strong support of DoD funding agency, Prof. Yoo’s research team pursues research activities and studies on innovative optical switch architectures and interconnect topologies based on wavelength routing in arrayed waveguide grating routers. Key research topics include: * Application-driven reconfigurable optical interconnect architectures * Scalable Interconnect Architectures * Large-scale benchmark analysis of computing systems


(Left) Legacy HPC Data Center architecture. (Center) Flat interconnect architecture. (Right) Integrated Silicon Photonics Arrayed Waveguide Grating Router implementing All-to-All communication.